Fix and Flip Loans No Money Down

Our Fix and Flip loans No Money Down is perfect for the flipper who has a good/excellent credit score of 620+, and verifiable income/cash flow.  The unique benefit of this product is you can get a home rehab loan for 100% of the purchase price and rehab costs, up to 70% of ARV, keeping as much cash in your pocket as possible!  Most other private lenders for real estate do not offer 100% financing home rehab loans.  It’s one of the most unique private lending products for real estate around.  Find out more about the Fix and Flip Loans Florida Program with Loan Trust and why we offer Fix and Flip loans in 47 states plus the District of Columbia without all the sluggish guidelines.

Home rehab loans for 100% of the purchase price & rehab costs, up to 70% ARV Competitive Rates with Fast Funding


Loan for 100% of purchase price and rehab funds, up to 70% of ARV

As low as 620 minimum FICO

No money down

Competitive rates

Interest-only payments

Financing delivered in 14 days or less

No prepayment penalty

Ground Up options available


Term: 4, 8 or 12-month loan


Loan Amount: $50k – $1M


Points: As low as 2.0%


One-time $250 application fee


All cost paid outside of settlement

How to Qualify and Get Approved Fast for a Fix and Flip Loans?

Fix and Flip Loans are short term loans for real estate investors and are sometimes called bridge loans and although our Fix and Flip Loans California program is our biggest volume state second only to our Fix and Flip Loan Florida program.  We have over 50 programs available for investors, from first time investors to the savvy investors who have done dozens or hundreds of projects.  We’re the go to source for finding money to do deals in all 50 states including the District of Columbia.  Fix and flip loans are used by short-term real estate investors to purchase and renovate a property before flipping it for a profit. This type of financing for flipping houses offers investors fast closings for properties in any condition. The most popular type of fix and flip loans are hard money loans.

Property Tpes Nationwide
SFR 1 – 4 Units, Multi-Family 5 – 20 Units, Mixed-Use Residential Properties
Loan Size
$50,000- $3,000,000
12 Months With Extensions
Interest Only
Interest Rates
Prime + 3% to 7.250%; Rates are based on location, experience, income, assets and credit
85% to 90% LTV / 75% ARV
Prepayment Penalty
No Prepayment Penalty After 3 Months
Loan Fees/Points
1% – 4%
Recourse and non-recourse available. Additional income property types considered on a case-by-case basis.
Underwriting and appraisal deposits may be required depending upon property location and deal type. Terms and conditions subject to change.
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Fix and Flip Loans California

We offer short-term mortgage loans to real estate investors for investment properties in the state of California. Loan Trust is the premiere lender for fix and flips in California. We understand the market and how it affects our clients. Get a private money loan for an investment property purchase, refinance, equity cash out, rehab or new construction in the California area.

Profits from flipping real estate come from either buying low and selling high (often in a rapidly rising market), or buying a house that needs repair and fixing it up before reselling it for a profit (“fix and flip”). 

Under the “fix and flip” scenario, an investor or flipper will purchase a property at a discount price. The discount may be because of:

  • the property’s condition (e.g., the house needs major renovation and/or repairs which the owner either does not want, or cannot afford, to do), or
  • the owner(s) needing to sell a property quickly (e.g., relocation, divorce, pending foreclosure).

The investor will then perform necessary renovations and repairs, and attempt to make a profit by selling the house quickly at a higher price. The “fix and flip” scenario is profitable to investors because the average homebuyer lacks the time and funds to repairs and renovations, so they look for a property that is ready to move into. Also, most traditional mortgage lenders require the home to be habitable with no significant repairs.

Fix and Flip Loan Florida

Some of the benefits you can expect from a fix and flip loan with us
  • Competitive closing speed
  • Financing from $100,000 upwards
  • No limit on the number of properties you want to invest in
  • No prepay penalty

Type of fix and flip deals we can assist you with include but they’re not limited to:

  • Investors who don’t qualify for traditional financing
  • Fully amortized loans
  • Portfolio loans and multi-property loans
  • Short sale purchase and rehab
  • Foreign nationals
  • ITIN

Our Florida Fix & Flip Lending Experts Can Help

If you’re considering a fix and flip or rehab loan, then we’re ready to get you approved fast.  We have a streamline process to make the process easier with our flexible guidelines and support staff.  Just click on the link to get started.

Fix and Flip Loan

Our Keys to Success With Fix & Flip Loans & What Make Us Different

  • NO prior experience required
  • No-fee alternative valuation option now available (for eligible properties)
  • Extensive rehab financing available (budgets > 50% of total costs)
  • Individual and Business approval for exposure limits up to $10MM with individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM
  • Financing for up 100% of renovation expenses, 95% LTC max, and 75% ARV LTV max
  • Optional interest reserves
  • Soft Costs included in financing (contractor’s fees, contingency fees, permits, surveys, etc.)
  • Foreign Nationals eligible

100 Fix and Flip Loans

Although a few brokers or lenders market No Money Down for Fix & Flips, it essentially doesn’t really exist.  However if a property has a large amount of equity After Repair Value of approximately 65% and you have a credit score of 720 or greater, it could possibly work, but be aware they will hit you hard for points to eat up a great portion of your equity.

There is a better way that we have consulted clients to get approve for business credit card lines of credit at Zero Percent Interest introductory rate for 12 to 18 months up to $250,000.00.   Then use those funds to fund your down payment for your Fix and Flip Loan No Money Down, which basically and OPM strategy and OPM means Other Peoples Money.  

Many of our fix and flippers have gotten started with this strategy and have done well in the previous and current real estate markets.

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