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What is A Condotel?

A “condotel” is a portmanteau of “condominium” and “hotel.” It refers to a type of property that combines elements of both condominiums and hotels. Condotels are typically multi-unit properties where individual units are sold to investors or buyers, much like traditional condominiums. However, unlike regular condominiums, condotel units are often managed by a hotel operator or management company and are available for short-term rentals to guests, similar to a hotel room.

Condotel Financing Mortgage Guidelines

This website is intended to address condotel finance mortgage guidelines. Condos are condominiums in hotels. Condo hotels can rent condotels in summer when they’re not using condos. Most apartment hotels have homeowner associations. The condominium homeowner association may rent the Condotel Condominium if it isn’t used for some portion of minimum down payment of the daily rent. The condominium is classed as a non warranty condo. Non-warrantable apartments indicate the property can’t be funded with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  Apply today!

Condo hotel offers great rental income for real estate investors

What is a non-warrantable condominium?

Non-warrantable condo is any condo that is unreliable. A property in a condo is not warrantable unless the following requirements for non warrantable condos exist: Financing a non-

Condotel Financing and Non-Warrantable Condo Loans are Portfolio Mortgages

This type of loan can be tough to obtain financing because not too many banks or residential lenders can provide loan approvals for condo or otherwise. Loans without the complexity that accompanies the qualification mortgage rule are viewed as nonqualified loans. The borrower has the advantage of a simple approach to underwriting and repayability, a loan process which does not fall within any Fannie Mae guidelines.

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The Best Condotel Mortgage Lenders

Loan Trust focuses on condo hotel financing in the United States. We are here to assist first home purchasers or first home buyer/buyers of a vacation home or the second home. Condotel investors can obtain mortgage loans through a condotel investor. Real estate investor looking at acquiring multiple condo units and adding these into the portfolio for rental income or real estate investments.

Condo Hotel Building Guidelines

It is unlikely to experience significant building and structural problems and cannot face financial difficulties. No buildings connected to the condos are under bankruptcy protection or there may be substantial pending disputes.

Condo Hotel Concept Versus Warrantable Condominium Complex

It’s important to understand the condotel rental concept and learn some basic facts. All of us live here. Hotel owners often use the same hotel as an individual or business to rent their own room. Condotel owners can use Condotel units for full time residences. Get Pre-Approved.

Loan To Value Guidelines on Condotel Financing

Maximum loan value permitted is 75% on condotel loans for purchase or refinancing of condotel loans. The cash-out refinancing of condotel loans may also reach 75% LTV. Remember, the 75.00% loan to value applies to primary homes, second homes and investment homes. Condos are considered an investment if they purchase two or more properties whose loan to value limits reflect investment in condos. The two loans have been increased in value caps. Prior to this cap the amount was 75% loan value for homes and 60% loan value for investment properties and condos. Ask the lending officer.

What Are Non-QM Mortgage Loans?

Buyers of Condos and homeowners have a choice of other types available financing and options to obtain a non-QM mortgage and other financings. The hotel’s manager will have responsibility for the hotel’s maintenance, rent and maintenance. Staff at Condo Hotels cannot rent a condotel. We’ll also discuss condotel loan requirements.

Condotel Financing Credit Requirements

For condolence lending, the borrower must maintain an unsecured credit rating of 620 FICO. The borrower has to provide an annual reserve for primary homes and condominiums purchased for short term rental which the loan is approved. Normally 40% backend debt must be used. The condotel finance lender can use another income source to borrow money if a loan is insufficient to pay wages. In the case of an asset depleting program we could apply for an income qualification percentage on the borrowers assets.

Primary and Second Home Condotel Financing Mortgage Guidelines

Those not owning their primary residences but are interested in purchasing another home are in the right place.  Invest in your home or condo at our condos with our 30-year portfolio mortgage loan. The rate is set to the first three years, three years, and seven years. The rate may adjust from year to year for each adjustable-rate home loan the holder chooses. The index reflects Costs Mature Index (CMT). This margin is 3% fixed margin.

Rates And Terms On Condotel Mortgage Loans

Condotel finance can be considered a portfolio credit. Portfolio loans are loans held by the lender. Lenders don’t sell them in secondary markets. Before the 2008 financial crisis, many banks and mortgage lenders offered a condominium loan for 30-year fixed rate condotel loans or 15-year fixed or adjustable rates and rate condotel loans. Unfortunately, there is not much more flexible condotel financing available today. This is because condotel loans do not conform to the requirements of the mortgage. Cannot be sold for sale on a secondary market. Get approved now for loans.

Warrantable Condo Versus Condotel Mortgage Guidelines

Condo Home Loans are back! Condo-Hotel refers in essence to condominiums within Hotel complexes. Currently the condominium hotel association (HOA) operates condos within the condo hotel unit or complex. Condo owners can own and enjoy condominium apartments while vacationing. Condotel owners can rent their apartments in condos if they don’t use the apartments themselves.

Condo Hotel Ownership

Owning condos offers buyers the advantages of staying at a hotel of the same name. The buyer will also receive room and maid services as well as the concierge services. A visitor will have full access to the hotel rooms and amenities such as pools and a fitness center.

Condotel Financing Mortgage Options

Condotel Mortgage loans are 30-year fixed interest loans or AARM loan programs. Mortgage adjustable rates offer a 30-year loan. After the fixed-rate period is over, the mortgage rate will increase. This adjustment will take place over a 30-year loan period at Condotel. This loan is no balloon loan for a mortgage and the loan will be based on the amount borrowed by the bank. Balloon Mortgages expire at a certain time and require a down payment, either entirely or refinanced. Condotel property owners have no problems re-financing their units. Mortgage rates are adjusted annually when fixed-rate periods have ended.

Condotel Loan Versus Non-Warrantable Condo Financing

Condotel are condominiums located within the hotel, this is extremely popular in Florida. Many banks are now removing loans from condo-hotel apartments as a consequence of 2008’s housing crash. Condotel loans are one area of my business in mortgage lending. Condotel loan lending guidelines for condotel mortgage professionals are similar. Condotel Mortgage Program is a portfolio program of portfolio loans which have enjoyed great results this year. Many condominium buyers are finding it difficult to find a mortgage lender that deals with condos.

Demise Of Condotel Financing After Real Estate Meltdown

Several bankers and lenders used to lend money to condominiums before the crisis, however, some condominium owners still hold condotel loans for high rates of interest with major banks. Unfortunately, these companies will probably never refinance condotel buildings. That is the case despite carrying the condotel mortgage — it is maintained for condotel units. There is no reason why you don’t have the time to pay your condominium mortgage. If not, do you have another bank account? It’s not going out of hand. Give minimum credit score give me an estimate.

Investment Condo Hotel Loans

Alternative financing available for buyers of condo units is available. Loan Trust now offers condominium-backed mortgage financing to real estate investors only. Our correspondent lending partners have an investor base of over 1200. These lenders offer high quality private investment in the most reputable markets of the USA. Investment hotel loan requirements require 60% loan for value. Closure is generally completed in three to five days. 

Condotel Mortgage Loan Programs And Lending Guidelines

Condotel units are a condominium in hotels which are privately owned by a single owner. In an upscale hotel such as the Grand Hotel in New York City, 3 floors of condominium finance condotel units may be reserved for private individuals. They are commonly dubbed condos and hotel apartments. Condotel owners own the condotel units in total. In any given situation, condo hotel owners should follow condo hotel homeowner associations’ rules. Condotel properties were very popular during the foreclosure crisis in 2008. The condo-based loan system was destroyed after the financial crisis of 2008.

Qualifying For Condotel Financing Mortgage Guidelines

Condotel’s mortgage loans have resurfaced on the market in many of the states in the United Kingdom, including Texas. Condotel loans in Florida have virtually been inactive since 2008. The majority of condotel owners who owned condominiums in Florida and California have had to repay high-interest condotel loans due to a faulty loan system.

Condotel Financing on Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Condo Hotel loans are Portfolio Loan and available in 3/1ARM, 5/1ARM and 7/1ARM product lines. Condotel mortgages have been amortized for 30 years without any penalties for default. There’s a loan guideline and reserve requirements.

Condotel Loan Update On Investment Condotel Units

Condotel finance loans are available on separate mortgages in condominiums.. For Condotel borrowers that do not have second homes or condotel units, we have the previously limited maximum investment Condotel Purchase loan. We are raising our loan rates for borrowers with investments in condotel mortgage programs. Apply Now to get condotel loans.

Primary And Second Condotel Condominium Financing

Condotel program guidelines now offer up to 85% loan to market for residential and commercial properties for condotel acquisition loans, condotel refinance, condotel unit loans and condotel cash out refinances. Our previous minimum loan value for purchases, refinancing or cash-outs on condotel financing was 80%. The 5% increase will allow more buyers of Condotel loans.

warrantable property has the same standard loan terms as the Condotel.

Condotel Financing in Florida: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Condotels, a fusion of “condominium” and “hotel,” are a distinctive segment within the real estate market that combines the features of residential condominiums with the services and amenities of luxury hotels. Florida, renowned for its vibrant vacation market, offers an ideal landscape for condotel investments. This essay explores the dynamics of condotel financing in Florida, highlighting its appeal to investors seeking rental income, the role of hotel and resort companies, and the unique challenges it presents in a booming short-term rental market.

Condotels in Florida: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Florida’s condotel market has witnessed a surge in popularity owing to the state’s thriving vacation industry. Condotels are essentially condominium units operated much like hotel rooms, with concierge services and a host of amenities found in luxury hotels. This blending of residential and hospitality features has captivated both vacationers and investors alike.

Rental Income: The Key Attraction

One of the primary drivers behind the demand for condotel financing in Florida is the potential for rental income. Condotel owners can capitalize on the state’s robust short-term rental market, attracting vacationers seeking a unique and luxurious experience. These properties can be rented out for short stays, mirroring the hotel experience, and generate substantial income for owners. This rental income can be an attractive source of passive income, significantly bolstering an investor’s real estate portfolio.

Hotel and Resort Companies: A Pivotal Role

Hotel and resort companies play a pivotal role in condotel financing in Florida. They manage the day-to-day operations, oversee concierge services, and ensure that the property meets the high standards of a luxury hotel. These companies also often handle the marketing and reservation systems, which can be a boon for owners seeking to maximize their rental income.

Challenges and Considerations

While condotel financing in Florida presents a lucrative investment opportunity, it comes with unique challenges and considerations. These include:

  1. Regulatory Environment: The legal and regulatory framework for condotels in Florida can be complex and varies by location. Investors must navigate these regulations to ensure compliance and mitigate potential risks.

  2. Financing Requirements: Lenders typically require larger down payments for condotel units compared to traditional residential properties due to perceived increased risks associated with short-term rentals.

  3. Rental Agreements: Owners must establish rental agreements, often through hotel management companies, to maximize rental income. Understanding these agreements and their terms is crucial.

  4. Expenses: Beyond the mortgage, owners are responsible for other expenses, including HOA fees, cleaning services, and maintenance costs. A thorough financial analysis is essential to determine the property’s profitability.


Condotel financing in Florida embodies a significant trend in the real estate market, offering investors the opportunity to capitalize on the booming vacation market. With their unique blend of residential and hotel-like amenities, condotels provide a chance to earn substantial rental income. Hotel and resort companies enhance the appeal of these properties, managing operations and marketing efforts. However, prospective investors must navigate the legal landscape, manage expenses diligently, and thoroughly understand the intricacies of condotel ownership. In Florida’s dynamic real estate market, condotels stand as a testament to the evolving landscape of investment opportunities, offering a chance to turn a luxury hotel room into a valuable asset generating passive income.

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